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Weight Range

1. Enter body weight and select the appropriate units (pounds or kilograms).

Hint: Check the box for "Hide Weight" to toggle visibility for this value.

2. Dose range information will be automatically calculated.

Hovering the cursor above the graph at the bottom provides a tooltip to help visualize plateau ranges.

Pay special attention to any warnings and always be sure to take extra caution if any 1st or 2nd plateau values appear in red.

Any doses exceeding 500-600 mg are typically uncomfortable and very intense for beginners.

Doses exceeding 1500 mg will always be marked dangerous, even experienced users should not consider these values safe.

The recommended dose provided for each pleateau is simply an adjusted mid-plateau value, not necessarily the best dose for you.


1. Enter dose ratio information by checking the Drug Facts label on the bottle as seen below:

2. Enter the amount of DXM you would like to dose in milligrams.

3. The amount of syrup to take and predicted plateau will be calculated.

Note: Because the dosage calculator doesn't account for body weight, the predicted plateau will vary from what is calculated by weight range.